I creeped her out... Can I fix it?

I went out with a girl four times... The fourth time it didn't end well. Its a long story but Im going to get to the point. We had a motel room, her car was parked there. I waited by the stairs across from her. It was in the open, I wasn't hiding. She was hanging out with her friend so I decided to wait for her to apologize in person. I didn't want to do it over a text. It seems that I scared her by doing that. She walked quickly to her car then sped off. She told me over a text "that she didn't think she wanted to see me anymore because I was acting like a weirdo". She told me that "I made everything super weird". I apologized but she never replied. Can I fix this? I was thinking about giving her a lot of space (a few weeks). When she said "I dont think so" does that mean that her decision is not clearly defined and that there's a possibilit to fix this? I feel devasted because she's everything I ever wanted in a girl. she's smart, beautiful
and fun...


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  • I don't know, I'm not entirely sure but it sounds like she thinks there's no real chance of it working out. My recommendation is to explain everything you did in this post. Maybe she'll understand, maybe she won't. Just be sincere in your apology. Make clear everything you did and did not mean by your actions. She may be willing to fix things or not. If not graciously accept it, and be wiling to walk away. Don't assume that she's obligated to forgive you in any way.

  • Stay away from her or risk being accused of stalking and arrested.


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