I creeped her out... Can I fix it?

I went out with a girl four times... The fourth time it didn't end well. Its a long story but Im going to get to the point. We had a motel room, her car was parked there. I waited by the stairs across from her. It was in the open, I wasn't hiding. She was hanging out with her friend so I decided to wait for her to apologize in person. I didn't want to do it over a text. It seems that I scared her by doing that. She walked quickly to her car then sped off. She told me over a text "that she didn't think she wanted to see me anymore because I was acting like a weirdo". She told me that "I made everything super weird". I apologized but she never replied. Can I fix this? I was thinking about giving her a lot of space (a few weeks). When she said "I dont think so" does that mean that her decision is not clearly defined and that there's a possibilit to fix this? I feel devasted because she's everything I ever wanted in a girl. she's smart, beautiful
and fun...
I creeped her out... Can I fix it?
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