Should I tell my ex girlfriend (who dumped me) that I miss her? I never begged and kept no contact. I want her back and wonder how she feels?

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  • Why did she dump you and also - how long has it been?

    • She dumped me quite out of the blue, a week before she was saying how much she loved me and talking about plans for the future. Then she was stressed out about school/work and said she was losing feelings for me. It's been 2months and I haven't begged her back or anything. She does talk with me either but had said she wanted to be friends.

    • *doesnt talk with me

    • I think you should take it slow. Keep the friendship open and maybe try in a few months. Maybe she just got scared and things were getting too serious too fast? IF that is the case then you should let her gauge how it goes forward for awhile.

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