Why is she acting like this?

I was friends with benefits with this woman. although we did behave more like a relationship. She said she needed space and I'm respecting it.

whenever she would initiate a text, I would give minimal response.

she would always try to be extremely friendly with me when we would see face to face.

After not texting for a couple days, she texted me saying I guess you were in it for the sex.

she was still friendly with me whenever she would see me.

now, she began flirting with my boss. (When she was with me, she hated being around him)

started hanging out with her him and whenever she would, she would always look over my way.

today, I saw her again. She was doing a lot of things in front of my face. Like showing her injured ankle, looking super upset, and always having her back towards me. Kind of found it funny.

i feel like I'm slowly moving on. Still have feelings for her though but want to move on. I want to learn from this.

what is her mentality? Give me your thoughts
She definitely seems as if she's trying to make me jealous


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What Girls Said 1

  • She just wants her ego to be praised. When she told you that she needed space and you started not giving her the amount of attention you used to, her ego was shattered. I dont believe she wants you, she's just playing. (even without her knowing that)

    • What does she want essentially? Why play the games?

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    • When she texted me "guess you were in it for the sex" I replied I thought you wanted space. And she never replied to that. But after, she was super friendly. Just sayibg

    • there is no reason why she shouldn't be friendly. And besides that, I still believe that a person who plays games (looking at you while being with her new lover) deserves your attention.

What Guys Said 1

  • One approach is tell her that the agreement so to speak was just friends with benefits and so you were witholding feelings and that yes you have them but again were not acting on them for the same reason you figured she wouldn't. Aside from that though, anyone who makes assumptions like that is just gonna be more trouble tbh. She either wants to make you jealous knowing nothing will happen between you both and just made that comment about just being in it for the sex to make her feel justified... ooooor she's just doing it in hopes you admit you have feelings for her. Depends on the type of person she is

    • I feel she needs justification. She has quite a bit of guys hitting on her and she would tell me that when she was with me.

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