How did you get over an ex you cared about? How to get over an ex?

My boyfriend and I broke up a couple months ago and I've had on and off feelings about him over the past weeks. I know that these are just passing feelings and if we got back together it would just end the same way it did before. And I know deep down I really don't want to get back with him. It ended for a reason.

It's just that I see him with another girl now and she was one of his friends when we were dating. Now I think that they're dating and I want to be happy for him and feel at peace... but I had bad vibes about her during our relationship and now I feel jealous. I guess i'm upset that he bounced back so quickly and he got way more attractive after we broke up (lol). It makes me jealous that he seems so happy too, especially without me.

And it's genuinely none of my business and it's none of their business what I'm up to or who I'm talking to. I just want to get rid of these negative feelings and stop caring about him like this.

I don't want to be jealous anymore, so does anyone have any tips or could help me with this? How did you all get over an ex?


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  • Well i understand the situation you have right now. it is very difficult to forget someone to whom you loved once.
    in the same situation of mine i changed my routine after sometime and get hell busy in activities. specially dinner out with new friends and road rage etc. so keep busy yourself in another activities. Or married someone that may give you everlast peace.

  • Start dating again (if you are already ready for this) or having causual sex.. thats what many guys do. Make sure not to follow him on ANY social media account and cut ties with him. You will see that there are many guys like him and that some of them even suit you better. Stop thinking and see other guys again, thats my advice.

    • I'm friends with my ex on Facebook but I'm not following him so I can't see his posts. If I have the girl on social media do I unfollow her too? I have her on Snapchat and Facebook and I don't think she knows that I dislike her. We were in the same club and I tried to distance myself from her but I was still friendly to her. Do I still unfollow her?

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