Girls, Girl at gym is confusing?

I go a different gym in my city on Sundays and seenthis hot girl who works they're, when I lost my card I went to the reception were she chills for the remainder of her work. I was glancing and she caught me. So she always goes to the gym after work and we always glance but never speak. I then noticed that when I walk past the desk she always smiles to herself and glances. But then in the gym she keeps herself to herself. After a while still no talking and she just stares at her phone and sneaks a few glances. after a while she would come to work out with a friend and at times I'd spot her listening in to my conversations. I told my workout buddy that I won't be coming for a few months as I have revision so I will be at my home gym. so then she pops out and in the nicest way asks if I'm using something I say no. Normally she would never speak she would just avoid asking. So after I went upto her and asked if she was finished and she was very polite and said no etc. So I told my friend to bring another attachment cz the original one she used wasn't wide enough to get a stretch on the lats. I insisted to my friend that he grab it wide as he can to develop a wide back. (I'm obsessed with bodybuilding) since 13 I'm now 22. So after a few glances she walked out with her friend and as she left we both made eye contact before she left. Then the 2 weeks after no contact but then I noticed her using the equipment the way I told my friende to which she nevr did before. So I'm kind of con fused because at times she would smile to herself when I'm not looking or glance etc then if I walk past at times when she's working out and I smile politely to her she just diverts her gaze quickly. Help is appreciated,


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  • If she works there, her being nice to you is part of her job, even when she's off the clock. She doesn't want to fuck you.

    • you would class constantly looking at someone and not saying anything part of a job lol? I would find it rude wouldn't you?

    • In all likelihood she was staring into space in your direction, especially because it sounds like you were following her around the gym.

    • Honestly, bro, if she isn't making an effort to talk to you, it's because she doesn't want to.

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