How can I move on from my ex of 2.5 years?

Things ended very badly and I've tried reaching out but he doesn't reply or will be short with me. He's told me he doesn't love me and we will never get back together and won't see each other again but for some reason I can't let go of all the memories and all the promises. It's been over 2 years since we broke up but it still affects me. any advice?


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  • I think you have to listen to his words and realise the memories and promises have turned to dust and no longer part of your lifestyle Write down all that you felt and either burn it or bury it as a closure for you Sounds strange but if you bury all your reminders too It can be a very positive thing to do


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  • if its been two years and he hasn't co. e back to you then there's nothing wlft to think about. you're life is worth something. he's not worth it. why are you holding tp him when you know its only going to hurt you and cut you even deeper. if it were a few months then we could hope that he'll be back. but he didn't contact you in the past two years?


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  • Just think of all the bad and no good things just think how happy you'll be with someone else. There is more than 1 person in the world and 1 might be better that trash

    • but I feel like the fact that it's been so long since we broke up i will never get over it now since i handled it wrong in the first place

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    • I also did some bad things that I feel bad about

    • Like how bad because I did some bad things bad before some really bad

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