She's behaving very oddly! What does this mean?

Essentially, we had a title of 'friends with benefits'. Although, we behaved more like we were in a relationship. A month and a half in, she called it off and said she needed space. I tried to fight for her back the day of the break up, but I immediately went into no contact.

Right after no contact, for the first few weeks it was up and down. She would initiate texting but I would always keep my text to a minimal. Whenever I would see her at school, she would be super friendly. Some days though, you could clearly tell she was absolutely furious!

One day she texted me saying 'guess you were in it for the sex'. I replied in a respectful manner saying she wanted space and asked her out. She didn't reply but when I saw her the following day, she was super friendly with me.

A few days have gone by and I saw her again at school, and she started hanging out with the captain of the basketball team. When she was with me, she told me she genuinely disliked being around him. Whenever she would go and hang out with him at school, she would always look at general direction. I always catch her looking too.

Saw her last night, and wow did she look super upset. Seemed extremely angry. As I was warming up for gym class, she would be in front of me taking off her wrist band. I suppose she got recently injured. But I was extremely shocked with her. Made a joke in class and I heard her scream of laughter.

Give me your thoughts on this situation!


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  • she is playing games


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