Ex left me?

My ex left me for another girl, people say he cheated on me with her.

He barely knew her when he left me and we dated for 2 years. They

Have been dating for a month now :/ I miss him. Will he come back?


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  • I'm sorry he did that to you. But why would you want him back? You could find such a better guy that wouldn't cheat on you and leave you for them. You may miss him now, but if he does come back at all and you let him in your life, what's to guarantee he won't do it again? It doesn't really matter how long they've been going out. The point is he gave up 2 years of tears, heartbreaking, emotions, trying like hell, fighting, and all that wonderful stuff to keep the relationship going. Forget about him please and move on, it's better that way


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    He only wants sex

    Accept it

    If you want him to come back it better be to slap him in the face

    Any guy who does that is asking to be hurt

    If I found him I would probably set him straight for you

    You can do so much better

    Go find a guy who actually deserves you, and that you deserve too


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  • Why do you want a guy that can leave you so easily? You deserve so much matter than that jerk