Why is she behaving like this?

Essentially, me and this girl were friends with benefits. We were behaving more like a couple. After a month of this, she called it off. She said she needed space and wanted to focus on herself. I tried to fight for her once, and then stopped and started no contact.
Right after we broke up, she attempted to text me several times but I would give her minimal response. Whenever I would see her, she would always attempt to talk to me and be extremely friendly.
One day, she texted me saying 'guess you were only in it for the sex'. I responded I thought she wanted space. The following day I saw her and she was trying to be extremely friendly with me. She was continously like that. Trying to be friendly and playful andstuff but over text, she seemed rather upset that I am not talk to her as much.
One day, she started hanging out with a mentor of mine. It kept continuing on. When she was with me she told me he would always try to hit on her but she didn't like him. Now, she is continously doing that. I am a bit jealous but am acting indifferent. Everytime she hangs out with him, she looks in my general direction to see if I am looking.
Saw her last night, and she seemed super angry. Had her back in my general direction. I did notice she looked at me quite a lot. Also, there were multiple moments when she would be infront of me just randomly fixing up her wrist band. I assume she recently got injured.



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