Why did my ex girlfriend unblock me and then thank me? And is anything gonna happen?

I noticed sometime around a week ago or more that my ex girlfriend unblocked me on Facebook and now we both commented on a post from her sister's account that supposedly got hacked. The post said "Im glad she is missing! She should learn how TO KEEP HER LEG CLOSE! YOU FIFTHLY SLUT! FUCK HER FAMILY. GLAD THAT HER PARENT GAVED HER UP TO FOSTER CARE. BITCH NOBODY LIKES YOU. UGLY DUMB ASS BITCH.
BITCH YOU GOT HACKED" and I made a couple sincere, angry comments to support my friend/her sister and then she replied thanking everyone who commented and I said "You're welcome. I care. I care about her" then she said "Thanks for your concern! Thanks for being there for my sister!!" I said "You're very welcome!" And she liked both of my comments.


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  • Don't read too much into her being polite. If she wouldn't have said anything it would look bad.


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