Why do men cheat?

I personally have never been cheated on but my sisters friend was cheated on multiple times by her husband. She is at least 100 pounds overweight but she is a beautiful women. Her and her husband have 2 kids together and he cheated on her a few years ago and she found out and he left during the time he was gone she mentally became ill and was hospitalized. He came back and they still are married. He has asked her for a divorce more times than the fingers on my hand. He recently said that he wants a divorce and she can have the kids, he has moved out but she constantly tells him to come back that they can make it work and he says that they aren't compatible and he wants a divorce he is still cheating on her and random women call her phone saying that they are sleeping with her husband. She is a wonderful women and person she is soo kind and my heart just breaks for her. Why did he cheat. Some men are so lucky to have the women that they have and they still cheat and i can never understand why
Why do men cheat?
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