Girls, Why do women say I need a brake?

I'm sure as s guy been through this or women you've done this (not all). We it's most likely gonna end anyway just end it if you wanna end it or stay with the guy.

Let me put it this way you already have our heart if your gonna rip it in half just get it over with don't hydroelectric press it. Kill us quick please.


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  • Well you already feel like it's going to end so why let her rip your heart out firstly, and 2ndly women usually say that because that means they're re-thinking about things and they need time off, maybe whatever you guys have going on is putting more weight on her shoulders than she already has even if she doesn't tell you or show you. Focus on yourself too in the meantime to re-evaluate things for yourself to and to mentally prepare you on what she says to you next


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