Let's say your spouse is a millionaire and so where you evenly, would you still have to pay alimony?

in california


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  • If you both had the same assets and had similar levels of economic success and opportunity for your field then no.

    • if i made 66 million and she made 30 million then what

    • Then as long as she can prove she helped you reach economic success at the price of her on you would need to compensate her.

  • I don't think it matters whoever makes even a little less can file for alimony after ten years of legal or community marriage. That's why I would never get married to someone in California or ever again! Lol

    • Yup, I agree with the ever again! part. As far as California goes, its not about the state, its bout the person! My ex wife wasn't a gold digger & we didn't even have to go before a Judge, I gave her whatever she liked to keep. She "gave" me a daughter, who the fuck am I to say NO, you're not taking that... Now mind you there was $8,500 left in payments on a $100K vehicle. She finished last 6 payments. It was very amicable.

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    • Yeah me too lol me and my ex tried working it out 3 times, two when we got married but he didn't want to change. He wanted to be psychically and verbally abusive so I just left

    • When a coward puts his hands on a woman, my advice here is 100% the same all the time... grab your cell phone and call the police as you extend the distance between you and him, from two blocks to three to four...

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  • Alimony is based on the age old idea that the woman needs a mans cash to survive. No longer. A Judge would look at the assets of both and come to determine both are OK.


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