Ex boyfriend won't leave me alone?

Alright so I broke up with this guy back in January, we talked for 7-8 weeks before he asked me out & well after that he removed me from all of his social media and we didn't talk for a while. A few weeks later he requested to follow me on Instagram with a fake account and he admitted that it was him and that he wanted to see my new posts. Then later on he started lurking my page on twitter, he'd quote tweet my tweets, when he wasn't even following me. He eventually followed me and we talked for a little while & we eventually got into a huge fight and we went separate ways.

Then he came back again recently and he was "talking" to some other girl at the same time, we got into an argument again and I told him to block me if he was going to treat me like crap and he did. I recently started dating somebody else and I put my twitter on private and only 4 days after my ex and I stopped talking I got a follow request from one of my ex's accounts that he owns on twitter. I also noticed that he unblocked me on the account that he blocked me on (he blocked me bc I told him to block me if he was going to keep treating me like crap) & well a few hours after I accepted the follow request he asked that girl out and they only talked for 10 days and they're already saying "I love you" when we talked for several weeks & he hasn't posted about her either & he posted about me 5 days after we started talking.

What is going on? Can somebody help me? Why won't my ex leave me alone?


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  • Why did you accept the follow? Just shut it down. Life's too short to dwell on that crap. move on in life, ignore him and whoever he's dating. focus on you. Eventually he'll lose interest.

    • No one can say it better than her.

    • I honestly don't know why I accepted it.. I guess I figured that he'd probably try to follow me again & again until I accept it, but what exactly will he lose interest in?

    • Knowing what your are doing. Just ignore him. Block him, un-friend him and all around disconnect him from your social media and your life. End the drama.

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