Guys. ... You broke up with this girl let's say twice. . So u guys go into full NC. ... well mostly the girl. .. since the guy has ego.. He didn't block nor delete her contact and they like each other post on ig but apart from that no contact at all.. .. and they school together. ... so one day you the guy stumbles upon the girl's diary. ... where she wrote the reasons why she did somethings like not really opening up to him. ... she explained saying. ... Her childhood was not that fun so it affected her opening up to anyone. .. and lots of stuffs where the guy was always complaining about and she wrote the reasons are some of it she came clean with the truth and also wrote that she hopes you stay with her and don't leave her cus of her issues but you ended up leaving. ... Now what will you do? Guys. . after reading that. .. and if she wants s you back. . what will you expect her to do to get your love back?


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  • Oooh... thats a tough one... and its not really NC if they still have same social media. plus ego has nothing to do with this.
    You know what i think... if i was the one to break up with her, i'll be the one to approach her, tell her that I've seen the reason why she did a lot of shit that irritated me and caused me to distance myself and i want her to know that she doesn't have to do that shit with me... she can be open with me.

    If that shit still persists... and she still won't be open... there would be a third and FINAL break up. someone else can read the diary.

    if she broke up with me... then i'll tell her i read the diary, and wait for her to talk to me... or not. Her call.


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