I really need your opinion on this girl! Why is she doing this?

I was seeing this girl for a month and a half. We had the title of 'friends with benefits' although we behaved more like a relationship. Anyways, she called it off and said she needed space. When she broke it off, I tried ONCE to get her back and immediately went into 'no contact'.

Several days pass and she would always initiate texting me. I would be distant and cold. For several days, she would do this. And then, it stopped for a couple days and when she texted me, she said "guess you were in it for the sex". I replied to her 'I thought you wanted space' and she never replied. Even after this incident, she would always attempt to be friendly with me and talk to me whenever she sees me.

One night, she texted me asking if I was ok. I replied "i'm fine, with a friend talk later." The following morning, she was super upset with me.

Recently, she has been doing stuff to really try and get my attention. She's been 'hanging out' with this guy who is an acquaintance of mine that she never liked. Every time she would hang out with him, she would always look in my general direction. This happens multiple times. She has even posted photos on instagram with my acquaintance and other colleagues.

I saw her the other day and genuinely looked really upset. She looked as if she was going to go on a rampage. Most of the time, her back was facing me although when she would turn around, i would notice her looking at me. I was talking to my friend and she would be in my line of sight fixing her wrist band. Seems as if she's trying to get my attention.

Remember, i'm still doing 'no contact'.

Give me your thoughts on this situation?


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  • She probably thinks you're playing mind games and that you simple just wanted her for sex. Chill with the no contact rule in the situation. It's only going to make things more complicated and awkward. Just tell her what it really was between you two face to face and stop being childish.

  • You guys fucked up your friends with benefits situation. hahaha... okay... so when in friends with benefits... never ever ever ever never ever... behave like in relationship... then you just call it a relationship and be done with it...

    People do friends with benefits to avoid the drama that you both are ensuing on each other... get it?

    she's behaving like a jealous bitch of a girlfriend... you are acting like oh the innocence boyfriend who doesn't understand what's going on..

    clearly you guys want each other exclusively or one you does... get real... and become a couple already.

    • She said she wanted space and I'm respecting it. That doesn't make sense to me. I'm not gonna go on my hands and knees and beg her back

    • Well she wants that... girls always always always... want men to beg... didn't you are pretty woman... we are fed that shit from movies and novels... and since women are manipulative bitches... we end up playing these coveted mind games... she needs space... hahaha...
      what the fuck...

      she doesn't need space... she wants you to hog all her space... but she won't say that... she will come off as desperate...

      tell you what

      tell her you love her.
      and see her reaction... and then wait for 30 minutes... then say... April Fool... haha punked.

      she will be furious and red faced if she really wanted you to say that...

      if she laughs along and gets the joke... well then she is not playing games but it's in your head

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