Should I move on?

This girl I know. We talked. I thought we could go beyond friends. She's receptive, funny and encouraging, she made me wanna be a better man and it's rare yet amazing how somebody can just drive you to want to do better in life, to improve just so that if hopefully things work out, you two can have a better future. We've talked a lot initially, like message each other almost every night then well, we interacted less after our internship but we still talk online, see each other coincidentally in school. I'm the one always initiating the conversation and she's been receptive. She rarely starts but she does, my heart skipped a beat. Anyway, friends told me not to message her too often because it'd make me seem desperate but I really do enjoy talking to her and not just because I want her attention.

So we started talking less and less, I didn't wanna bug her so I chose to talk to her only when we see each other online. I didn't wanna talk during my exams period, though I want to but it'd seem that I made her the center of my life and that I've put aside the "other important things". Anyway, I feel like we're not going anywhere and that I think (and not feel) that it's better if I move on and forget her.

Hmm, I'm thinking the best thing I should do is to tell her that I like her and see how it goes, if she says no, then I can move on. I don't want to move on not knowing how things would have turned out if I chose to stay.


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  • You've got nothing to lose in my opinion. If the interactions are dwindling, then ask 10 minutes of her time, take her aside somewhere private, and be full out honest. Be sure to include why you've been giving some space. And do this in person! Kinda scary, but it says a lot more. I'd definitely give a fella points for going that route. Good luck!


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  • your question doesn't completely correspond with what you are got the right idea..let her know you like you can eventually find out if you are chasing a pipe dream or you actually have a chance..and before another man snatches her too


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