Why is my ex purposely doing things to hurt me after break up?

We have been together for 3 years. He was my first boyfriend, love, everything. We spent almost every day together as if we were connected by the hip. He would get sad if we didn't see eachother. We had a routine in which I lived with him on the weekend. He chased me for a year and it was as if he was willing to sacrifice everything for me. Towards the end he broke up with me because I wasn't able to give him what he asked of me. We've been through miscarriage, fights and have been an on and off couple after the 1 year of being together (break ups lasting less than a day). Once broken up we kept contact for 2 weeks. I continuously begged for him and asked for a chance to work on the relationship. He kept denying my advances but allowed me to see him twice in which we acted like we were still together. Then we agreed of a break instead of a break up. And said his intentions weren't to date other people but to become his own person. As soon as we went a week without contact (in which he was stalking my social media) he messaged me saying he'd rather break up. From then I did not respond and the day after he had called to which I ignored. A week after he went out on a date with a girl (saw through his instagram to where he posted a video on his account of them eating) and from what I've heard goes out with her a lot. She is completely opposite appearance wise. His family also came to visit me at work to tell me that he is in contact with a woman from his past and talks to many females that give him money and buy him things.

Why is he acting this way and doing things to hurt me? It all just seems as though he never loved me and the relationship was a lie.


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