Should I go back to my boyfriend?

i have been with him since 21 days..we broke up because I thought he didn't love me...but we have had some love making! that he is too much in love with me after our break up..should I go back.!he is not academically stable!


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  • How can you love someone after 21 days.? You can't just meet someone and be in love. That takes time. It sounds like you have unrealistic expectations about relationships.

  • I'm sorry, did you say he is not academically stable?What do you mean? Like, he does not have a plan, or isn't doing anything for his own education?

    I don't know what your feelings are, I am unsure what the trend or feeling about this is in India, but I think if you do love each other, that you can be together, whatever the situation. If you want some reassurance, maybe ask him if he has a plan (not What his plan is, as this might feel like you're putting pressure on him), and see.


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