Is love even real?

ibe only had one true girlfriend when i was in high school and the other girls I've been with only used me. i have came to the concluaion that love is not real


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  • It is chemical reaction with hormones and stuff... which makes u stop thinking in a rational way. :/


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  • Love is real my friend. You're 19 so you're yet to experience it at its fullest. It can hurt but indeed it is one of the greatest emotions you can experience.

    • I've always been hurt and the more im hurt the more i doubt it

    • Patience. Time is your friend and you have plenty of it. It will happen randomly and sudden. Don't go looking for it. Let it come to you.

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  • I'm gonna be pretty blunt here because you pissed me off in the comment section. but I'll give you honesty.

    you are 19 years old. you don't know shit about shit.
    you think you're hurting now? stressed? buckle up because life hasn't even started fucking you yet.

    but within all of that you will find moments of joy and people who make it worthwhile. and it's called love.
    love isn't Romeo and Juliet committing suicide. love is cleaning your wife's diapers when she's in her 90s

    so put your purse down and buck up. you're coming into your early twenties and no one will want to fuck you if you're whining all the damn time.

  • nope. love isn't real. it is a myth spread by Chinese people to lower our economy

    • just as i thought. ig the onlt way ill ever get laid is by rape

    • jk kid. love is real.. it does exist

    • cjackson If you make comments like that, no one will ever love you.
      not even the Chinese

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