Is it okay for me to text my ex as a friend?

my ex and i broke up a week ago bc he cheated on me. and 3 days later bc i missed him too much and felt like dying, i texted him. even though he's happily leading his new life now, busy gaming, my mood was really better when i texted him. i stopped wanting to cry every 5 minutes and my heart felt abit lighter. from then on we've been texting daily but like normal friends. we don't text for the whole day tho, because he's busy gaming and takes hours to reply. do you think this is okay? will it hinder my moving on process. or is it okay for me to keep texting him until i slowly move on bc if i stop texting him completely I'll die. and is texting daily too much?
No, don't text him at all
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Is it okay for me to text my ex as a friend?
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