Is it okay for me to text my ex as a friend?

my ex and i broke up a week ago bc he cheated on me. and 3 days later bc i missed him too much and felt like dying, i texted him. even though he's happily leading his new life now, busy gaming, my mood was really better when i texted him. i stopped wanting to cry every 5 minutes and my heart felt abit lighter. from then on we've been texting daily but like normal friends. we don't text for the whole day tho, because he's busy gaming and takes hours to reply. do you think this is okay? will it hinder my moving on process. or is it okay for me to keep texting him until i slowly move on bc if i stop texting him completely I'll die. and is texting daily too much?
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  • it's better not to text him. we will stay on your mind for way too long. you may feel better now but later on you will start feeling worse then you would when you aren't texting him. if you want to get over him then go no contact. if you want to remain sad about your ex then keep texting him. even if you become good friends like some ex's are you will always have that feeling deep on your heart.

    • if i take off all contact at once I'll die. is it okay if i slowly slowly decrease the amount i text him?

    • be honest with me do you really think that will work out? you will keep feeling sad when you will text him and you won't stop feeling sad as long as you are texting him..

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  • If not texting him is going to kill you then you should call an ambulance.

    And by being his friend after he cheats on you you're giving the impression that it's ok to treat you like trash, you should have higher standards. Also if other boys see that you were ok with him doing it, you're likely to continue seeing a pattern in your teen dating life

    • 1- I don't know why it seems like you're trying to make a joke out of this but it is true that when i dont talk to him, i feel like my whole life is sucked out of me. i have no motivation at all and i feel 0 happiness. hanging out with friends and family won't help too. or getting new hobbies.
      2- he knows that it's not ok to treat me like that, which is why we broke up. if i was ok with it, i wouldn't have broken up.

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    • and do u think its my choice who i need? i dont want to need him too, i wanna rely on myself. so I've tried everything i can to make myself happy but i know i can't. im dumb af to be needing an asshole but i can't change that.

    • Need doesn't mean what you think it does. Need means you require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.
      You need food and water to survive. You need your parents to help provide for you, as you have no other means to pay for necessities.
      You will, with no doubt, survive without him. You're just choosing not to. I'm sorry you're unable to see the difference and that you don't have enough faith and self respect for yourself to make the choice to demand better people in your life.

      Your situation is not uncommon, many of us go through it and come out with lessons you haven't learned or chosen to see yet. Making those mistakes yourself will also teach you those

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  • Of course it's okay 😌 just don't get attached again

  • what emotions did you "feel" when you found out he cheated on you?

    • angry and hurt. but i dont feel them anymore, right now i just want to be able to live on.

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    • mostly just the outcomes of them and how did you precieve it made her feel and impact her life?

    • you dont have to answer but think about how she ended up after relationships with men and how it gave you a perception of what could happen to you if a guy left you. if seeing other women be destroyed by men gave you a certain expectation of future relationships with men then speak to a professional

  • listen to wonderer. she speaks truth


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  • i know what you're going through i've been there and you feel like smth is missing but when you're talking to him you're just happy and fresh and feeling amazing... you're jjust wasting your time and making it even harder to move on bc now he's gonna probably say she's annoying + he cheated on you , you'll get over him not now but YOU WILL , free yourself


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