Am I wrong?

This is going to be long---please read everything before you comment! Thanks:

So, last weekend I went to a conference and invited two friends: One of my good friends, lets call her: DONNA and another one I haven't really hung out with in a year because of college. Let's call her TINA. (NOTE: TINA and I had fell out once because I kind of spazzed out on her because she p*ssed me off)

Anyways...Tina, Donna and I get to the conference and it was kind of long because they had different guest speakers. (*NOTE: I was extra excited because the main reason I attended the conference was because my favorite singer was going to be there and my main mission was to take a pic/meet him!)

We were sitting during this one conference that was super boring so I told Tina and Donna that I wanted to move closer to the door because the next period would take place in another room AND my favorite singer would be there and I wanted to get a good seat!

So, my Tina said that we should wait a few min. It got to the point that I got aggravated and just got up because it was mega boring! So I got up and so did TINA...and I thought that DONNA would follow but instead she started asking--WHERE ARE YOU GUYS GOING? And I wanted to be quiet because it was a conference and someone was on stage talking.

So, I kind of snapped at her "Come on find out." I didn't mean it at her in a rude way but it came out that way. She also can be annoying because she asks obvious questions. Like how do you do this? Can you open this? ALL THE TIME! But regardless, she is a good friend to me.

Anyways, she then said

"Don't yell at me"

We went into the other room and I got my seat and then after we had lunch and she was acting really rude to the other people at our table and just looked p*ssed off. So when everone left except us--I asked her "what was wrong?"

She told me "Look, you're a good friend and all but I didn't appreciate you yelling at me and if it happens again--I'm done. This is the second time"

I told her "I WAS SORRY" and we just sat there and didn't say anything to each other--so I just got up and checked out the expo. I wasn't going to let her ruin my time--because my fav singer was supposed to perform later and it was a networking mixer.

Next, we had another conference and TINA sat next to me and DONNA WAS nowhere be found...until...she walks past us and sits in a row in front of us. So, that really hurt me.

As the conference went on she still sat away from I said...maybe I should just give her, her space and I did and just hung out with TINA.

It wasn't until the last event before my fav artist performance when I was sitting networking with a person and she had sat at the same table. I was sitting in the wrong table for my career field, so I moved--also because I felt kind upset because she ruined my whole mood.

Anyways, after the mixer--my fave artists was about to perform so I left the mixer early and waited near the door...

So, once the door opened...I ran inside and managed to only get two seats in the front. Only TINA was behind me and DONNA was no where to be found. So we both had seats in the front and DONNA was in the row behind us. She looked p*ssed.
So, I told TINA "that I felt kind of bad that DONNA wasn't with us" ---TINA said, "oh, DONNA isn't with seems as if she doesn't care and she had a attitude all day and didn't take advantage of this great opportunity"...
So, the concert was awesome because I managed to dance with my fave artist and got good video/pics of him. =) But I didn't get to a pic with my fave singer or meet him. DONNA and I discussed that that would be our mission and she would help.
Like I said, she killed my mood =( Because I WANTED to meet this singer so bad. And didn't and we were literally face to face, but I felt insecure and not confident because what happened with my friend. Anyways... the conference ended and ...
TINA and I were happy because we somewhat had a good time. TINA had a blast...I had an ok time. DONNA WAS nowhere to be found and I was texting her and we find her outside, asking someone how to get back home--She was going to leave us.
So DONNA and TINA got into it. And I stayed out and I asked DONNA if she was OK and she said "I really didn't appreciate what you did back there...and I'M JUST DONE."

So I got angry too because she ruined the experience for me...
So I get us home. Say goodbye to TINA. And DONNA leaves me and usually we walk home together.



Because she knew how bad I wanted to see my fave singer...and she just ruined it for me. Sometimes...its better to enjoy stuff alone. =/

Thanks for reading! And people who put dumb comments. F U!


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  • I think you were both wrong and right in some places.

    I think that you saying sorry to her the first time was a good thing but I would have then asked her to come check out the expo with you because I can see where she would have begun to feel left out and like you weren't really sorry. When you went back inside and you couldn't find her then that's just her feeling angry, bringing her to the expo would have helped here. In the end though you probably should have been more sorry and she should have not acted so immaturely even though she spoke her mind. Just talk to her about it, tell her everything you're thinking and let her know that she is your friend and you are sorry. Even though you may not feel like you need to say sorry first, do it because chances are she's to mad to be saying sorry to you because she thinks she's right too. Hopefully this helps you(: Let me know!


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  • now I have talked to you...even when I had apologised...u were extremely rough..give me 10 more fingers but I'll still say you are rude and not good for her freindship

    • Yea the only reason why I was rude because you wrote something stupid--- YOU DON'T KNOW ME and you're a complete douche bag! Either give advice or stfu!!!

  • no I'm not answering your question..i'm just wondering how can anybody in this whole wide world has that much extra time to think and do this kind of idiotic timepass...


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  • I'm not quite sure what your question is. You're asking if you're wrong. Can you be more detailed on the question? Nonetheless, at the end if there were only 2 seats in that row, you should have found another seat near to it and saved it for Donna.

    • Yea, but Donna was in her own world and no where to be found. Also, she was giving the cold shoulder all day and being distant.

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