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Tell me your sadest love story. How you could handle it and moved on?


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  • I was deployed, 7 months into a 15 month deployment. We were engaged. Phone calls were few and far between, it's about an 11 hour difference. We were mostly keeping in touch through email and texts. Those began to get scarce too. I noticed some oddities on social media and asked one of my close friends back home about it. He got real quiet and told me she started dating someone after we broke up, and she said I was taking the breakup hard and to not bring it up with me.
    Up until that second I thought we were engaged. She told or friends, and my family her lie to hide it from me.
    We had known each other for years, and it hurt. Every so often she tries to come back into my life and it hurts, and pushing her away hurts too.
    I moved on at first, when it was still raw, by surviving one day, one step, one moment at a time.

    Eventually it faded from my mind, I didn't think about her very often, and my life got better. I've had other, normal relationships since with all the pop and fizzle of normal dating.

    • I am sorry to hear that

      I hope you found someone that is treating you better

      And as someone in a long distance relationship, myself, I'm sorry she did that.

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    • No, I realized that being manipulated into a green card marriage was probably not a smart choice to make. I went home met a girl and dated her for a few years while everything else settled back into normalcy.

    • lame lol German women are freaks! ;)

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  • I fell in love with the vest friend that i ever had. Had so much feelings for him but still didn't notice it. I couldn't admit to myself that I was in love with him and had feelings for him way more than just friendship. When I realised it one day, it was too late to tell him because he was dead.
    Couldn't even tell him how I felt, couldn't even make him happy or anything, because he just simply died.
    How do I handle it? I don't. My eyes are constantly swollen cause of tears. I'm dead inside. Don't eat anymore, don't talk either.
    If you ever fall in love, just tell that person no matter what. And tc too, health is most important thing ever.

    • hey i m so sorry
      the same is with me but she is alive and now I am definitely going to tell him
      u r so good and thanks for sharing you motivated me

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  • Loved someone with all that i had. Poured my heart for her. She left me, cause she thought that i loved her too much and that it's best to break up early to avoid complications. :/ Difficult to forget but then i somehow managed to move on.. However never been in a relationship since..

  • I've had a girlfriend who sadly cut her life short due to bullys

  • married only 7 months, cause her cheating with the guy she dumped for me

  • oh I could tell you one

    • sure tell me

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    • To*

      Anyway, Emily gets taken away to the room. Tyson arrives at the hospital, and as he runs to the room, he meets Ryan along the way. Tyson looks down, ignoring the Ryan, walking further. But Ryan grabs Tyson's wrist.
      Ryan gives Tyson back the couple ring saying that Emily really loved Tyson, and that she always did. As Ryan walks away, Tyson now realizes what was going on this whole time.

      Emily has cancer and wants to end her life, but doesn't wants her boyfriend Tyson to see her die. So she rather had Tyson hate her than see him know that she's going to die. Ryan giving up his friendship with Tyson to grant Emily her final wish.

      Tyson arrives to the room with friends waiting outside, but the doors are closed. The euthanasia has already begun. Tyson's too late, and breaks down. They comfort Tyson and eachother.
      As they open the doors, Tyson hovers over a now passed away Emily, saying his final goodbyes.

      The End.

    • Nope, but it's so depressing :(

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  • I was woth this guy for three years now. childhood acquaintances. everyone around knew he lived me more than I loved him. I was nore of a closed book and he was expressive. the. n we started fighting alit and he broke up with ne but that was ny fault mostly so I made the effort and made things right. but I said no to co tact calls, texts etc. just occasional texts and meet ups. after this he fell even harder for me , he got a little hesitant and stopped telling me he lived me but started showing through his actions how much he loved me. his actions made me feel like the queen of the world. all went great for a year and gradually I started doing the same showing care etc. but then a month ago he broke up with me again. and the excuse he made was that I was getting too attached.

    • he literally took all his love back. and he says to his friends that he will never get a girlfriend. I don't know if he's sad, hurting or happy. idek the actual reason for the rbeakup. we fought. he said some things I said somethings and instead of making it work he gave up and broke up with me. really hurts

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