Someone please help!😭 Could me & my ex maybe get back together after 2 years? or maybe he just wants to be friends?

this guy that IDated almost 2 years ago was a guy who I trully deeply felt something, me & him dated a week right after my mom passed away so he gave me this happiness & filled the empty spot. We would hang out EVERYDAY & at school we were always together but we only lasted a little over a month & it was bc i believed a rumor that wasn't true & I tried so hard to get back with him after the break up (which the break up was sooo horrible i went through a lot specially since my mom had died & then he didn't want me anymore) but this guy was the only guy i cried over & had the hardest time to get over him 3months finally passed by and i started dating but no matter what even til this day he's still the one guy imma always have in my heart no matter who i date , he's still the one to me & its been 2 years already! So during the 2 years he didn't wanna talk to me anymore i felt like he hated me which ik he didn't but after the breakup he simply just didn't want anything to do witj me! me & him started seeing & datin other people but recently A week ago i sent him a happy birthday message all simple So now he texts me everyday & replies to me quick & tries to make conversation. Were not flirting but its just him trying to talk to me & putting effort just made me soooo happy & Icouldn't believe it bc i never thought this would happen, but he's been telling me he wants me to trust him again even tho me & him had a bad time before ( me & him never argued during the relationship) but i asked him why has he been ignoring me & made it liok like he hated me & he said that he never hated me that he was being really childish but its been 2 years & he changed from that.. He also told me he wants us to hangout & i was like ofcourse! Okay so from all this can someone please help me & tell me that maybe later on if we keep on talking & have a good bond maybe we can try things out again? do u think maybe he would want that from what he's doing right now or no? Someone please help me ):


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What Guys Said 2

  • if he is okay with dating why not try it... I mean the reason you broke up was stupid enough to make up with him

  • no, no dating or being friends with ex's.. they are EX'S!


What Girls Said 1

  • I truly feel like if he's coming to you and showing you that he has grown from the pass then you should grow up too.. there is maybe a possibility that you both could work things out.. just go slow with it be friends hang out talk.. just spend time together... eventually feelings with grow and you both will come together again... just be patient everything takes time.. but from what you have stated that it seems like he missed you and he wants another chance.. it has been 2yrs since everything and that's a long time to change your heart and to let go of pettiness.. I say go for it.. strong possibility it'll work out

    • thank you sooi much ! that's exactly what im planning to do , i want us to become good friends & have trust with each other hoping things will work out between us again! but for now i want things slow. Thank you so much once again !

    • You're very welcome love.. and good luck to you everyone needs it

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