How to stop feeling?


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  • You shouldn't even wish that upon anyone... Feel... that's what we run on... to feel warm when hugged... to feel sad when broken and too feel happy when with someone...

    • but i am only feeling pain.. and I am so tired now..

    • When I was in fifth grade... there was this guy who I used to crush on and he called me ugly.. I remember crying and I tried skipping food... I changed​ my way if I saw him around...

      now when I think back...
      i don't remember the feeling of that feeling too... all I think is hmm.. that was stupid...

      in the larger context things start looking small, insignificant and stupid...

      know that... and come out fast... Yolo... too less time to just stay stuck

    • yess writikaa .. now on i will not drown myself​ into the past

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  • hmmmm if only we could turn off a switch right mate ^^. just gotta keep on going mate. life's to short to let urself get dragged down.


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  • we've all been there. do what you need to do but never give up and make sure you come back stronger and better


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