Girls, Ex girlfriend who left me for someone else texts me after a month and a half of no contact?

My ex girlfriend of 2 years left me for someone else. I immediately went no contact. After about a month and a half i get a text, basically asking how i am and she brought up some happy memories from the past. It seemed as if she felt guilty and missed me in a way. I responded and made sure to be positive and act as if the breakup hasn't affected me at all and that i didn't want her back even though i do. didn't bring up our past realtionship or bring up anything negative. I ended the conversation saying i had to go and that i was glad she was doing okay. She seemed upset that i had to go. Where do i go from here? Do i text her the next time around or wait for her to text again? I want her back and i don't want to screw up. I know girls want what they can't have and they want a challenge but i don't want to miss my opportunity especially since she might be dating this guy still.


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  • Wait for like a week for her to text you again ... if she doesn't .. then try texting but just a casual text... dont show desperation. ..


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