Is this new girlfriend the rebound?

Literally a day after my boyfriend and I broke up, he started talking to this new girl. I won't type her name. Me still being heart broken over him, I was always looking at his pictures on FB and remembering the times that we shared together every once in a while.

Well about a week and a half later, I see that his relationship status changed from "single" to "in a relationship with ..." It tore me up thinking that he could move on so fast.

All of my friends say she's a rebound. But I've also heard from a couple of people that he's gotten with this girl before also after a nasty breakup with another one of his long time girlfriends.

Do you think she's a rebound?

Or do you think that he really feels for her since he keeps going back to her?


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  • Well, if he ran to this girl after a previous break-up, they obviously didn't work out. He met you after all. Maybe even being with her helped him get over the previous break-up. Now that he has to recover from another break-up, he ran to what is familiar. The same woman who he used to get over the last girl.

    I know how hard it is, my ex recently did something very similar.. But try not to worry about it. He won't be happy with her. He wasn't the first time. If he really felt for her, he wouldn't use her to get over someone. Take comfort knowing that he will never be truly happy with her.

    And don't contact him about her. He is most likely waiting for you to notice and send a deservingly jealous message to his fb inbox. I would recommend deleting him from Facebook for the time being until you can acknowledge the fact that he will be close with other women, without breaking into tears. You don't need to be constantly reminded of his immature rebound games. Hide his status updates at the very least.

    • I absolutley love this. It really helped me alot. I haven't tried contacting him in any way and he is already deleted off of my FB. I'm not exactly jealous over the same girl that he's gotten back together just made me hurt more from the hurt that I was already feeling. I've let go, given him back his stuff...yesterday actually and it was personally, and moving on. His phone number isn't even in my phone.

    • Always glad to help =]

      Thats really good to hear. And I know what you mean with how its just hurt you are feeling. The same thing happened to me, and I can assure you that the pain of him being with someone else begins to fade within a week or two. Honestly, I would bet they won't last more than a month!

      If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to throw me a message and I'll get back to ya when I can :)

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  • It is impossible to know whether she's a rebound or if he really feels about her. But either way, I think you might be better off without him. If she's a rebound - the guy who is willing to jump into a new relationship so soon, is not particularly emotionally stable, nor mature. Do you want such a guy? If she is really the one for him, than you'd be better off stepping back. And - find the one for yourself. Good luck


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