Breakup complicsted?

My boyfriend broke up with me. He's not answering my phone calls and threatened to call the police if I go to his work or house. I'm not a dangerous person don't know why he's freaking out. Whats the best thing I can do? I thought he liked me a lot but we have been arguing a lot lately


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  • I'm sorry to say this but he might have been cheating and didn't have the decency to face you or (no offense when I say this) are you a super clingy no personal space kind of girlfriend? Again I would have talked to you about it before I broke up. The best thing to do is to stay away for now. If he's being unreasonable then he's not worth your time. If he's been arguing a lot he probably feels guilty (cheating) or maybe he has some issues in his own life that he hasn't told you about.

    • thanks for the reply but he was only dating me. I was arguing with him over something stupid. I just kept going on for a while. I've just been stressed out lately over stuff. I don't know what to do? What should I do if I want another chance with him?

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    • think about what he wants it off relationship and what you want. you may want to always be around him when he just wants his space once in a while. what two people want in a relationship is not always the same. the question is, are you willing to compromise what you want for what he wants (as long as it's not for something that can hurt you)?

    • true and I should not have gone over to his home last night but I did not hurt or threaten anyone. Then that mean text this morning really hurt about threatening to call the cops. I just don't understand is he afraid of me

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  • It's not complicated, he broke up with you and has asked that you not contact him.
    So you leave him alone. Not complicated

    • It's painful when the guy introduced to his family and kids then this happens

    • Of course it's painful, it's never a positive experience. But it's still not complicated Hun. He's asked you to leave him alone, and he doesn't want to be in the relationship.
      Take the time to move on, do things you enjoy with people who enjoy your company

    • I know he really Iiked me but I pushed him away by being argumentative all the time. I just hope I don't run into him

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