My ex gets really jealous.

My ... ex gets really jealous. I talk to his best friend and he gets jealous.

so he meets this girl, hangs out with her, then goes on vacation with her. all the while, he keeps getting jealous of me and he keeps telling me he loves me and would do absolutely anything for me etc. he told me not to worry that this girl was just a friend. one of his best friends, tells me that my ex is f***ing in love with me and is only doing this to be jealous. so ... we play the game back at him.

i was ... informed ... today that he's "dating" this girl that he just met. supposedly he's totally not into her. is she just a rebound? is he really doing this just because he's jealous?

does he really like me? he's so bizarre


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  • The bigger question is why do you care? He's your ex... move on... worry about your own life.


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