What to do when you find out your the rebound girl?

i was unofficially dating this guy and he even buys a ticket ($600) to see me twice even though we live miles away and we've been talking and said we liked each other and we ended up having sex together when he came here. after he left to go back home, he hasn't really been talking to me that much anymore and last night i found out that he hanged out with his ex and went to the movies on his ig story. i was really hurt so i just blocked his number and his snapchat and then later on i found out he blocked me on ig. i'm just really hurt and confused because he told me he wouldn't be the type of guy to play with me and he even spent so much money coming here and taking me out to dinners. he talked about having me in his future so i really thought that this would go somewhere but having found out he hung out with his ex really hurt me. I don't know what to do.. please help


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  • I think you know exactly what to do. You were the rebound girl and that sucks, but you just move on. While I'm not the type of person who normally blocks someone, I would definitely advocate forgetting about this guy and not speaking to him so that's basically blocking. If it makes you feel better, the guy probably didn't consciously do this. Breakups are an emotional thing and people do stupid things when they're emotional. Move on, take it as a learning experience and forget about this guy. You're so young and there are a gazillion guys out there who are worth way more of your time and energy than this guy.


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