She was cold and always had her back at me. Then becomes friendly?

So this woman who was friends with benefits with me broke it off because we were too relationshipy and wanted to work on herself. She said she needed space.

After trying to fight for her once, I immediately went into NC. She was texting me several times but I was cold and distant. Then, one day, she said "guess you were in it for the sex" I replied that I thought you wanted space and asked if she wanted to hang out. She never replied although she was texting after and being friendly at the gym.

I took a week off from seeing her to get over her. I found out that she started hanging out with my kickboxing coach quite a bit.(when we were together, she never liked him and disliked being around him.)

This week, she has been acting EXTREMELY ODD especially today. So Tuesday and Thursday, she was cold and bitter. She had her back towards me majority of the time and definitely had a look of resentment on her face.

Thursday, i saw some old friends at my gym after she left who recently signed up. One of them is a pretty good looking. I spoke to them for a bit and I noticed my coach would stare at me and even her male friend kicked my bum to say hi.

Today though, I saw her and I anticipated that she would be the same. Cold and distant. Although, she was quite friendly. She was like punching my arm. Trying to talk to me. Trying to be friendly and stuff which is extremely weird. My buddy even told me she full out stared at me. In addition to that, she was using some of my coaches equipment. So i'm a little confused. To add to that, I would notice my coach would look over at her and she would look over at him.


What should I do? I'm trying to move on but all this is really making it hard.


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  • She used to like you, then she thought you were an ass for using her for sex, now she's found someone better and is over your sorry ass.

    • I told her I wanted a relationship out of this and was willing to wait until she was ready. Saw her again this afternoon and she was looking over a lot. In fact, her interaction with the kickboxing coach seemed a quite distant.

    • Decide what the fuck you want before you continue stringing this woman along. You keep changing your mind about her.

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