My boyfriend said he needs a break. What does that mean?

We've been dating for almost 11 months and he's been telling me he's confused and doesn't know what he feels for me exactly so he said he needs a break for a month to think and to make up he's mind. I'm afraid that after the month he'll break up with me for good and I don't want that I love him so much and I'm afraid to lose him.


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  • sometimes after getting so used to being with someone and getting into the norm day after day, you forget why you really decided to be with her. that could be the case here. just let him get the break he needs.


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  • Let him have his break I guess. But at the same time, pay attention to what he is doing. (That isn't to be confused with stalking.) Is he flirting with other girls, talking to a specific girl, etc. etc. If so, there is his real reason.

    Also consider, were you guys having problems before he asked for a break? Were things getting dull? Just routine. Did he seem aloof? Things like that.

    He really could be just trying to figure things out.


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