Remind me never to cheat?


She got $750 million!? Tiger, bro.. was it worth it? You paid that one slut $10 million to shut up, and what did she do? Wrote a book. Went to the media. Now you owe your ex wife a quarter billion dollars. Most expensive lay you ever had, huh kid?


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  • You reap what you sow.All I gotta say is...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.I'm sorry,but I have absolutely no sympathy for him.I don't care about how much money a person has,what their status is,or how good of an "athlete"(no offense to golf players) he is,when you get married,make vows,you should see right through them.He embarrassed her in front of the whole world,not with 1,2,3 women,but how many?

    That's what he gets.

    Although I've never cared for him.It's his problem:)))

    He screwed up,there's no excuse:)))Like Kobe said,you gotta do what Shaq does and pay her right:)))& make sure it ain't a backstabbing hoe:)))I don't even like calling girls that,but all his mistresses,straight up homewrecking whores:)))

  • He has so much more, this is just a fraction of the money he has. Not a big deal to him.

    • Thats more than 3/4 of his entire wealth. good for her. but that's an insane amount of money.

    • Is it really? I always thought it cases like this, it was just a fraction of what he had...i guess I was wrong

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