Have I ruined my chances and should I start focusing on my issues before I move on?

Me and my Girlfriend have been broken up for 2 weeks since then i have been repeatedly calling and texting trying to convince her. She tells me that i need to stop text and calling her and to just leave her alone she's also seeing someone else. Today i asked does she love me and she said no over the phone. I hung up and she texted leave me alone and i said "Trust me after those words i have nothin else for you." She then texted back and said "i do love you."


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  • I would suggest not contacting her at this moment. I know it's hard, because you care for her a lot and she's probably on your mind most of the time. But you should turn that focus around and start helping yourself feel better. Do something you enjoy or pick up a new hobby. It will not only give her the space she wants, but it will also help you as well and you won't feel the heartache.

  • Women are complex. she knows you love her and that you're sprung. Give her time and some space - she's playing hard to get. We loveeee when guys chase us. It makes us feel wanted. If you back off a little, she's gonna start thinking that you're starting to move on and you don't care anymore and she'll start texting you back.

    • But you're saying me repeatedly blowing up her phone is not helping my case even though it's only been two weeks?

    • Yeah.. just give her a little bit of space like she wants.

  • Just give her some time.

    • Seems like she hates my guts. So your say that there's still a possibility with the no contact rule?

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