How do I get it through his head?

Was dealing with a guy for a year and he didn't want to commit and decided to tell me about 8 months down the line. I started distancing myself but still kept in contact. I got to the point where I realized what I wanted and conversations with him just started going down hill because I wasn't at the same place emotionally and he said a few things that offended me. In the past, I would always go back to seeing and talking to him. I'm at the point where I haven't spoken to him in two weeks and have ignored his messages. He views my dating profile all the time and his last message was sent a day ago. I know he's probably talking to other females as well but I don't understand why in the hell he won't leave me alone. In my mind if he thinks he can find better, I'll let him prove that to himself because I know what I brought to the table and I'm just tired of caring. If these other women are so great then why won't he leave me alone and just go after them instead? When we first met I was in a very formative state but lately I've been achieving things and have stepped up my game in life and I'm just not looking to settle for his BS. I'd rather just leave him to be with wtf ever he thinks he wants but he's not getting a hint even when I said I don't want to talk to him anymore.


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  • some men are slow girl but he thinks he can make it back maybe he knows you stepped up things then and he wants to get back with that


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  • Just keep ignoring him. .. If he texts, calls or check your dating profile. ... ignore it all. ... h
    He's childish and he probably thinks you can't do without him. .. show him life is much better without him.. ..

  • He sounds like a player and players typically do not leave women alone. They will keep bugging you but never giving you what you want. You should actually stop responding to him at all, no texting, no calling, no nothing. He will never get the hint so you should totally disappear and get on with your life.


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