Tough to Let Go?

In a nut shell, I was dating a guy for 2 yrs. There was a consistent problem in our relationship of him not trusting me. We broke up in September of last year. He moved three hours away, and some how and for some reason we continued to stay connected, with occasional visits bubbling in romance and lust. It is now almost a year and we are still doing this constant battle-dance where we're "happy" think we should work it out, paired with bi-weekly "maybe we shouldn't, and, I can't trust you" dynamics.

I'm fed up, yet, feel like I can't move on, nor, want to. Am I the only one who's been "stuck" like this? Can anyone relate, and if so, did you get out and get over it?

Sincerely; Slowly burning out...
Tough to Let Go?
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