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When would it be the right time to kiss my girlfriend for the first time?

So like when should I make my move and how should I do?

Because I have never kissed a girl on the lips before?

How do you kiss a girl on the lips?
Ok all I need to know is when should I make a move?


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  • Anytime is right for you to kiss your girlfriend. if you don't want to make it awkward, I highly recommend not doing it in front of a lot of people especially if you know them, because they will come up to you and say AWWWWWW CUUUTE. and that's annoying. so I would invite her to a movie, then put your arm around her, and then during a boring part or when the movie ends, lean in and kiss her.

    that, or when you two hangout you can do it when one of you are leaving. Good luck with this, I believe you will do just fine (:


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  • Well...the most obvious and old school one would be to kiss her like before she goes into the house. So like in the car, or if you walk her to the door, then right before she like goes in the house. So that would be like one way, or you could do it like on the middle of the date. Which is a pretty broad statement. lol. But just when it seems right? And for the how to part, I'd say just kiss her on the lips..but like gently. lol. Hope this helps...somewhat. (=


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