I called him out on his lies/deception, how do you think he feels about me knowing the truth?

My ex whom I still love and he claims to still love me has been asking me to dinner for 3 weeks for when he was going to be in my city on a business trip, which started this week. He kept swearing up and down that he was now single and he wanted to talk about us getting back together. I was reluctant to agree to meet him because the last time we made plans, he cancelled 5 minutes before our date because his business meeting ran late. Yeah right

. He sent me a text on Friday to announce his arrival to my city. He has NO IDEA that I know his gf's name and Facebook profile. Mind you, he told me they were broken up and he hadn't seen or talked to her in 2 months. Anyway, after his arrival announcement, I creeped her FB page. Sure enough, she's posting pictures of landmarks from my city.

I texted him that I know he's not sincere about wanting to have dinner with me and that he'd likely cancel again. He replied that I'm too dramatic. No. I told him he's the drama king who operates his life like the Jerry Springer show. He replied with a "whatever drama queen". Boom. I told him I hope he and his girlfriend have a great weekend and that she'd get s better picture of the landmark if she were standing to the left of it. I then told him his game was over, and as long as he leaves me alone, I will not be contacting his girlfriend about all texts he's sent me.

^^ haha. It took him 20 minutes to reply. And of course it was my fault. He said I don't know the facts of their relationship, I have no right to assume things, I don't know half of it, etc. I told him I don't care and he can continue with his Jerry springer life without me in it. He then said "oh how I love you, you sexy bombshell"
me: goodbye forever.
him: goodbye forever sexy :((

I'm proud of how calmly I handled this. Will my calmness make him miss me? How do you think he feels? Is he Possibly paranoid that I'm going to tell her? Angry that I found out?


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  • Hey, just an advice. Try to post shorter stuff if you want more opinions.
    Anyway, you did the right thing


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