Even after a year of breakup, I am not able to move on. There has never been a single day when I had not thought about her. What to do?


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  • If the breakup is good for you, then sooner or later you'll forget her. If not, get her back and don't torture yourself.

    • It isn't good for me.. i tried everything that i could but she isn't ready... long distance relationship is not an idea for her now !

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    • I remember all the tears we cried and the struggles we went through. I remember all the nights we stayed up talking and the stories we told each other. I remember all the ideas and dreams we discussed, the ones we were going to fulfill together. I remember all the hopes and plans we made, for a future that was never ours. Those memories are all we have left now. They are pieces of our life that no one can ever take from us. They are a reminder of a story that we were never able to complete, but still a story that was true, a story that was real, a story that was only ours.

    • tried dating... few girls are interested in me but i am not getting those chills which i got when i met her for the first timeā¤

  • Same here, even more then a year. No idea how to move on. But good luck.

  • Maybe try looking for someone else.


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