Am I to soft for her?

Hi i need some outside advice. My and my ex partner are broke up 2 weeks now. We were with each other for 2 and half years im 30 and its my first realtionship. I do everythin possible i can for her but she dont apprecite it. If i say no to her she ignores me for days she goes hot and cold with me for no reason. One time she didn't talk to me for 3 days because i didn't fix the blinds. I spent Christmas on my own cause she wouldn't talk to me. She ignored me for about 10 days cause i wouldn't give her 70 euro and i had to pay 600 the week after for her childs birthday and 400 for her to go to a family occasion on her side. She always starts fights with me. And when she dont talk to me i leave and a week later she is down the phone crying wanting me back. 3 days later she is been cold with me again for no reason. I give her money so she can survive and she throws it my face sayin its only for food i tell her how gud she looks when she feels down. I just want to get on with her. I bring her kids off with me to do things. How do i stay away from this women. Cause i miss her and i dont know why. I am a very easy goin person with a good heart and can't handle this i dont know what to do i feel used. I wouldn't be a bad lookin man either. I get on with everyone and have love to have a laugh but im feelin depressed over her its getting to me.


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  • Honestly, she sounds emotionally abusive and you're much better off without her in your life. She's taken advantage of your naïveté and that's not right. You deserve someone who doesn't play games or toy with your emotions.


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