How do I get over him?

I need to accept the fact that a relationship between a friend and I just isn't going to happen. It's killing me. He's on my mind constantly and I've never had such strong feelings for anyone before in my life. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to get through this as it hurts so much. He has no clue, or at least I haven't told him, that I like him so much. The problem is that he's in a relationship and I want no part in breaking that up so I cannot tell him how I feel. I feel so foolish feeling so strongly about him and having such a hard time moving on from considering we were never even a couple!

So, at this point I know that I need to completely cut off contact with him or at least make it is as minimal as possible. I'm trying to stay busy and I'm also trying to work on myself, but he still finds his way into my head... a lot. Are there any other things that you can offer?
How do I get over him?
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