That little voice?

my ex cheated on me, and stayed with the "other woman"

its been some months now and there are times when I'm over him and times (like recently) where I can't get him out of m head.

we are still friends and I care for him deeply, but although logic tells me he's no good, emotions tell me otherwise.

i can't help but have this little voice in the back of my head saying "don't give up" no matter what I do, how much I stop talking to him and everything that voice won't go away! lol

what should I do? listen to it or move on?

hes told me that he still has feelings for me but maybe in the future we can get back..(which I wasn't planning on getting back with him anytime soon) but is he worth the fight or what can I do?


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  • My first proper boyfriend cheated on me and it broke my heart. Although I've never had that conscious voice in the back of my head telling me to get back together with him (no matter how many times he tried to beg me), it's worth considering the pros and cons of carrying on without him, or giving him a second chance.

    Maybe you should think about whether you were happier in your relationship before you knew he was cheating, and compare it to the time you've spent without him. Knowing he's cheated on you before may sway your decision, and there's always the risk he'll do it again.

    I can't tell you what to do, and I don't want to, but in my opinion it all comes to down to whether you want to risk being hurt again. I'm still friends with my ex (although we never probably dated which may have been the problem anyway) and we're both happier that way and have moved on from our 'best friend' like relationship we had.

    Consider what you feel will make you happiest, and what will make you feel safest.

    Hope this helps~

  • Heya...Ive been there, a guy cheated on me ad we're friends but I still have something telling me why are you his friend? I think listen to the voice...It knows what's best...and don't go back out with him...Once a cheater always a cheater.

    Hope I Helped Some.

    • But the little voice is telling me to stick by him so later in the future I should give him another try. lol

    • Idk...obniously I'm not here to tell you what to just gving my opion...Do whatever you feel is best.

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