Why did my ex text me then not reply?

she texted "hey, i was thinking of you and decided to check up on you... how are You? "
i said " Im good, you?"
and she didn't read it


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  • How long has it been? Give it a chance some time maybe she will. Or maybe she has text regret and has blocked you.

    • its been a week
      funny thing is
      i dont want to talk to her
      but, it doesn't feel good not being replied
      i always get replied :/

    • Oh shit I know, it feels like balls being ignored, by anyone! It's just rude especially since she was the one who reached out not you. It's a dickish move. Very selfish.

      Just take it as a learning lesson. When she does it again and she will, don't be stupid enough to fall into her trap and reply. Ignore her this time, as clearly she isn't worth your time or a reply. You broke up for a reason.

      You deserve better and are better off without someone like that in your life. Let her go make someone else miserable!! You go be happy x

  • Maybe she's busy.


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