"If I did want a relationship, it would be with you." True?

Here's the story: We met on Bumble. He's 25. I'm 24. There was instant connection. He asked to be exclusive. He asked me to bring a toothbrush to his place. He asked me to use the terms girlfriend/boyfriend. He asked me to take a trip with him. All relationship milestones he brought up to me on his own. He also brought me small gifts, told his friends about me, and we went on about 4 dates a week. We were together 2.5 months. The day before the breakup, he suggested an open relationship because he wants to sleep around but still be "emotionally monogamous" with me (weird because he wasn't having very many hookups in the first place, and sex was great). I said no. Then he broke up with me the next day saying he doesn't want a relationship, but "if I did want a relationship, it would be with you". No mention of wanting to be friends. I couldn't get any words out except OK. I texted him the next day saying he brought all the relationship milestones, so it seemed like a relationship was exactly what we wanted. He replied saying he thought it was what he wanted and he wants to take some time to figure that out himself, and apologized for putting me through this. We've now been in no contact for 3 weeks. No texts, no calls, no messages. Both of us haven't posted anything to Facebook or Instragram, which is weird because we both post about once a week, and you can't hide posts from one person on Instagram. Still friends on all social media platforms.

1. Is "if I did want a relationship, it would be with you" true or just BS?
2. Why would he bring up ALL of the relationship milestones on his own if he didn't want a relationship?
3. Ultimately, when he figures that out, will he let me know?


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  • I think he is just not used with the idea to sleep with only one girl and only think about one lady. On your place, i would move on, try to find someone new, maybe in this process he will come and apologize for being an ass, but anyways, even if he comes, you seem a nice girl and deserve someone better


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  • I think it's just bs, if he wanted a relationship with you, he wouldn't need time to think

  • He just says all those things to get u in bed


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