I just can't handle this..what do I do? I feel disposable

So men and a girl on here were talking for a long time...we live kind of far away but I was trying so hard to try an visit her and even like consider moving near her if things got serious...but then all of a sudden she decided that there some guy near her she likes...we were both shy...never had bfs or gf's..so now...its over...I fell the worst I ever have...she thinks it just didn't work out but I was willing to do anything...even have an open relationship and let her date but to keep things in mind...but she just slammed the door and doesn't think its meant to be..I'm just crushed...I feel like she was my one chance. I've never had a girl like me before on a very romantic level..I don't have many friends period...I'm feel so alone and disposable..I know maybe she upset too..but she's moving on..I'm not...I think ill die lonely..I guess some things never change...I have no life...I don't know what to do...I just feel like living in a dark room and waiting to die...things never ever work out and I have no reason to believe they ever will...I saw light at the end of the tunnel only to have it be replaced by a worse darkness...what do I do...god please is it so much to ask that I have one person love me.


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  • I think you need to relax man, its only one girl. Forget about her I can tell you're a nice guy cause your effort for trying to visit her is great dude. You will definitely find a girl out there that will definitely please you no doubt about it. Keep your head up


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