Should I break up or not?

So my girlfriend is addicted to a video game and its getting out of control... who am i kidding it is out of control. She plays the game every single day for 5-10h on regular basis, and i told her maybe you should take a break from it and focus on other things. She plays the game so much to the point where she doesn't even have time for me anymore. We used to spend so much time together but now i don't even get to spend with her 1h. Most of the time i would talk to her 15mins... which makes me really sad to be honest. I mean sure, you play a game and you like it but to the point where its even more imported than me... It has been going on for 2months now, and i got depression from it. I told her stop playing the game so much, i rarely get to spend time with you anymore... what happened to you? Finally we talked about it and she told me "look this game... i waited for this game like 2 years to come out i am not going to just throw it away, it makes me happy". I answered her: Look you can play the game how much you want but please don't leave me hanging like this, we used to watch movies hang out together but now... all you think is the game. You don't even care about me anymore and when i needed you the most you were ignoring me... After that she wanted a break and i said i didn't, it would be just a break up. But eventually we did have a break and my depression became even more and more... while we on the break i was sad, depressed and lonely... while she was flirting with other people from that game, she said to me they are interesting and i am not. I really don't know what to say anymore... i really love this girl i do, i tried talking to her, tried telling her how i feel and what it does to me. But seemingly she does not care at all but her game. Not caring about me, flirting with other guys, she just breaks my heart. I keep believing that she will change her might or thought to realize what it does to me. What should i do?

( game name : Revelation online)


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  • I couldn't even read the whole thing. After reading just a few sentences: yes! Leave her!


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  • Break up with her, nobody should go through life not trying to make themself happy

  • which game?


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