How should I respond to ex in rebound realtionship?

Long story short, ex who left me for someone else texted me about a month and a half after no contact. She asked me how i was and brought up some happy memories. I kept it short and told her i was doing great, stayed upbeat and positive and acted as if i was completly unaffected by the breakup. I kept it short and ended the convo saying i had to go. She seemed upset when i told her i had to go. I want to get back with her. Should i wait for her to contact me again or do i take the next step? I don't want to come off as desperate, i want to show her i've changed into a more attractive and better version of myself. i don't want to ruin my chances especially since she's still dating the rebound. I know girls want what they can't have which is why i'm acting as if i don't care and i'm moving forward. All opinions are greatly appreciated.


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