Best method to break up with someone?

We've been together for 2 years and it's been unhealthy. He dumped me before because I had brought up his unhealthy issues and he wasn't having it so he said it wasn't working out and ghosted me for 4 months... then we got back together.

Lately, he hasn't been acknowledging my texts or calls.. And everytime I mention something I really want to do with him, he shoots it down immediately cause he just doesn't want to, mind you, I do all kinds of stuff with him because I like being there for him.. He is all about himself and will only do something he wants. He never compromises.

After he didn't respond to two texts for a whole day i asked why he was ignoring me, the next day. His reply was "sleep". I tried to let it go and told him something funny and he didn't reply again for a whole day. That night, I try calling him but no answer, and the next day he doesn't even ask why I called. I then text this spiel that I need to know whats wrong and that he needs to talk to me. I need to know if he wants to break up again or to try to talk about the problem. He replies with "I've been working lady" "also sleeping" (He works a summer job maybe 4 times a week for maybe 7 hours a day, and there was never a problem before with making time for me) He saw I opened the message and said "You're salty lol" "My feet hurt"

It's been 2 days and I haven't replied. I feel there's nothing for me to say because he obvy just doesn't care and is so insensitive to my feelings. What is your opinion on me just never replying to him? I feel bad doing it because I can't just be that mean but I told him what the problem was and that's how he replies. That's how he always responds when I have a problem, just brushes it off. I have never broken up with someone I have been so serious with. When he broke up with me it caused me a lot of damage because he ghosted me. If he asks me whats wrong then I can explain, but like I said, I feel there is no more to say.

What are your thoughts?
Best method to break up with someone?
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