Is karma doing it's work now? does he want me back now? has he realized his mistake?

here are the details and I want you guys to know all the details so you can answer properly. here's my story. we were in a long term relationship for four years. My boyfriend, currently my ex, broke up with me once a year and a half ago but when he saw me and met me I guess his anger just faded away, we cleared our misunderstandings and he came back to me. After that things got better than ever. Although he got a little hesitant because I told him that now I had to make changes in the relationship in order for us to not fight again. I cut off all contact just some occasional calls and text. not regular occasional. and we met twice in six months. he got hesitant and stopped telling me directly that he loved me but whenever we met he or talked on text or call we were so great. he got even more lovingg and caring towards me. going out of the way to make sure I knew how much he loved me. he showed through his actions that he loved me and I didn't need any other confirmation because I could see it in his eyes how much he loved me. made me feel like a queen. I was more like a closed book, not being able to trust him again after we first broke up iver some silly fight but he was expressive than ever. he expressed all his feeling through actions and everybody else aroung is new he loved me. but a month ago he broke up with me again. came as a shock to me. out mutual friends fought and it was about our relationship a bit. his friend was like a bro to him and my friend is like my sister. they fought and I always knew that his friend was jealoused of me. the reason my ex gave for breaking up was that I was caring and expecting too much and he's not even settled yet but he was the one who showed more care and he seemed to love it when I did the same. I guess his friend turned him against me but my ex literally took all his love back nd was actinf so rude and pissed and blocked me. now, his friend has blocked my ex guess they fought. is my ex finally back to senses? or misses me nw?
My friend tried to talk to my exson but he just wasn't ready to listen to a word. It was shocking because he was the sweetest most caring guy ever. He also said to his friends that he doesn't want to get a girlfriend ever and he did say this to me when breaking up that he doesn't know what the future holds for us but right now he doesn't want this relationship.


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  • I think he missed you.

    • yeah maybe he has realized that what he did was wrong. I'm still not getting my hopes up though

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