Guys, Is there a way to attract my ex again?

Recently my boyfriend and I broke up because things in our relationship started to go downhill; he broke up with me. This was also partially mixed with his emotional health. What caused our relationship to go downhill was a guy I used to like before me and my ex met, who tried to come between us and stir rubbish that wasn't true. After that me and my ex started to argue now and then, and he lost feelings claiming that it wasn't how it used to be. I still have feelings for him though, and I want to know if there's any possible way we'd be able to try again? We were together for 3 months, not that long I know, and now we're friends instead. We still talk daily.
Help... what do you think?
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Like the first two months of our relationship he was super into me, and he used to always express how he felt- he'd always tell me cause he's a really straight-up guy with how he feels about things and I don't know... is there chance we'd ever end up being able to give it another go?
Guys, Is there a way to attract my ex again?
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